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·         June 23: Just over one month and Narendra Modi has already set targets for his team of ministers. He has set three focus areas-improving relations between the Centre and state governments, addressing public complaints and grievances, and giving the armed forces vital equipment that has been long-delayed. And his ultimate directive was to multi-track all these areas for immediate attention and action. He has directed the bureaucrats to reduce delays in delivering results, cut down on the red tapes, and ensure greater accountability and efficiency. He has also directed the civil servants to ensure speedy resolution of grievances related to flights, train tickets, journeys, telecom, banking, health and pensions, and the ones posted on social media accounts and government websites. In fact, a special cell has been formed in the PMO to monitor the speed in which the complaints are resolved. Harping on the betterment of the state and central governments, Modi also declared that any attention or help sought by any of the state governments will be answered. Moreover, he has instricted the bureaucrats to take up any such issues which are three-months old. Civil servants in his office have been asked to meet representatives from each state in turn. The cycle of meetings will be repeated every three months, sources said. Addressing the perpetual call for advanced machineries and weapons by the defence forces, PM Modi has met the Defence Minister Arun Jaitley and the head of the army, the airforce and the Navy and has asked them to prepare a list of weapons they want and also suggest how to best use the funds. He further announced that he would hold a meeting with service chiefs every month to discuss the state of affairs and the concerns relating the defence forces. While addressing navy official on his visit to INS Vikramaditya, Modi had mentioned a national war memorial to be built for the martyrs of the country and also spoken about implementing the one-rank-one pension scheme, which guarantees that soldiers of the same rank and years of service will receive the same pension irrespective of the year of their retirement. He directed the ministers to work toward the speedy implementation of the above. OneIndia Ne

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